Case Number 3151
Request Date 18/07/2013
Completion Date 11/09/2013


Details of the Request

I am writing to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act for information on 'Never Events' at the Trust.

1. a) For 2012/13, a breakdown of all 'Never Events'. For each 'Never Event' please provide a full description of the event (not just the code), the date or approximate date of the event, the sex of any patients involved, whether the patient suffered injury or death due to the event, the job titles of any staff involved, and the outcome of any disciplinary action against staff involved.

b) Please also provide a copy of any written report into each 'Never Event', redacting any personal information.

2. a/b) The same for 2011/12


Details of the Response

1&2a) The information requested was sent to the requester.

1&2b) The requester was sent copies of four Never Event reports for 2011/12, with an additional triangulation report examining three of these same events, and one Never Event report for 2012/13.