Case Number 3415
Request Date 01/01/2014
Completion Date 14/04/2014


Details of the Request

  1. Please state how many NHS services have been outsourced wholly or in part to firms outside the NHS since the coalition government took office in May 2010. In each case please state a) the name of the company who was awarded the contract b) the service being provided c) the length of the contract d) how much the contract is worth e) when the contract expires.
  2. Please state how many of these contracts were signed off a) by the coalition government b) the previous Labour government.


Details of the Response

  1. See below
  2. None of these contracts have been signed off by any government: all are within our freedoms of being Foundation Trust
Awarded Company Name NHS Service being provided Contract length Contract worth (£) Contract expiry date
InHealth Group Managed Cardiac Catheterisation Service and Provision of Staff and Equipment ASP/TE/11/01 7 years 20,373,275.73 31/12/2019
Medihome Ltd Intravenous Therapy Service 6 months £297,960.00 30/04/14
Medihome Acute home nursing and physio Annual £240,000.00 short term contract, which is under review
Virgin* Intermediate Care Placements 12 months - commenced April 2011 £244,800.00 31/03/2014
Virgin SWIFT Annual £480,000.00 short term contract, which is under review


*Virgin - previously Surrey Community Health Services (NHS)

These contracts are currently re-let on an annual basis