Case Number 3499
Request Date 18/02/2014
Completion Date 25/03/2014


Details of the Request

Under the Freedom of Information Act please provide the following details on the times of day new mothers are discharged from your hospitals.

More specifically:

For EACH of your hospitals providing maternity care or birth centres (or similar)

1. For 2013:

a) The number of mothers who have given live births discharged for each hour of the day:

  • between 00:00 hours and 00:59 hours (24 hour clock)
  • between 01:00 hours and 01:59 hours
  • between 02:00 hours and 02:59 hours ... and so on to complete the 24 hour period.

b) Please provide the total number of discharges (separate incidents of mothers being discharged after giving live births) for the year.

2.a) and b) The same for 2012

3.a) and b) The same for 2011


Details of the Response

Please see attached.

Please note that discharge times may be recorded as the time the information was entered onto the system, rather than the actual discharge time, and so the significant percentage of women being discharged in the late evening may be related to midwives on the nightshift being able to record the details onto the system.