Case Number 3509
Request Date 20/02/2014
Completion Date 12/03/2014


Details of the Request

Thank you for your prompt response to my request (FOI 3494). I am very grateful for this information.

However I cannot accept your decision to withhold the names of unelected candidates. These are elections to public authorities and it is inconceivable that the name of any candidate could be legitimately withheld from publication.

Your approach differs from other NHS Foundation Trusts. A number of other trusts have provided this information to me following FOI requests, and none have refused to do so. I believe there are also trusts which publish full candidate lists on their websites.

I would like you to reconsider this decision. If necessary I will be taking up the matter with Trust management and the Information Commissioner.


Details of the Response

We reviewed the original decision and sent the requester the information required.