Case Number 3518
Request Date 05/03/2014
Completion Date 25/06/2014


Details of the Request

I require the organisation to provide me with contract information relating to insurance services which include the following:

  • Motor
  • Property
  • Accident and Liability
  1. Type of Insurance- What is the type of insurance policy does the organisation have? please see above.If there is not any information relating to the tytpe of contract I have requested please provide me with brief notes into the reasons why?
  2. Existing Supplier- Who is the insurance company?
  3. Annual Average Spend- What is the annual average spend (over 3 years) with the supplier? An estimate will do, but if the contract is new and has been running for less that 3 years can you please provide me with the estimated annual average spend.
  4. Go- To- Market- How was this contract procured? OJEU, Mini Competition, Framework. If framework please state the which one and with which organisation.If a particular framework please state the frameworkcontract ID
  5. Contract Duration: Please propvide me with the duration of the contract including any extensions.
  6. Contract Expiry Date- What is the expiry date of the contract? If there are various still state those policy over a £1,000. If the service was procured via a government framework please provide me with the actual sign agreement and not the contract dates of the actual framework. If the contract is rolling please can you send me the actual rolling contract date.
  7. Contract Review Date- When does the organisation plan to review this contract internally?
  8. Contract Description- What cover is provided under this policy? Please details
  9. Internal Contact- Insurance/Finance
    Full Name
    Actual Job Title
    Direct Contact Number
    Direct Email Address
  10. Internal Contact- Procurement/Supplies
    Full Name
    Actual Job Title
    Direct Contact Number
    Direct Email Address


Details of the Response

Please find completed spreadsheet attached.