Case Number 3542
Request Date 20/03/2014
Completion Date 08/04/2014


Details of the Request

For the financial years:

  • 2013-14 (to date)
  • 2012-13
  • 2011-12

How many i) male and ii) female patients were discharged between 2300 and 0600?

How many patients aged i) 0-15 ii)16- 64 iii) 65-74 iv) 75+ were discharged between 2300 and 0600?

What percentage of total discharges took place between 2300 and 0600?


Details of the Response

The Trust holds the requested information, but considers it is exempt under section 12 of the Act, as the cost of compliance is estimated to exceed the statutory limit. Specifically, we are unable to ascertain this information accurately from our Patient Administration System as this does not include an accurate time of discharge but instead the time at which the discharge was processed which is often many hours later or at night during the quieter hours on the ward. Nursing staff are rightly wary of moving patients at night and most placements outside hospital such as those at community hospitals do not accept people after the early evening. Clearly, we do move patients within the hospital e.g. If they deteriorate on a ward back to critical care but the only accurate way to assess the requested information would be to do a labour intensive, manual check.