Case Number 3553
Request Date 25/03/2014
Completion Date 02/04/2014


Details of the Request

Grateful if you will forward to me a copy of the Trust's policy regarding cancellation and rescheduling of appointments, and a copy of instructions issued to staff regarding the implantation of this policy.


Details of the Response

Please see attached the Trust’s access policy regarding cancellation and rescheduling of appointments.

The Trust has embarked on a trust-wide Referral to Treatment and Joint Access Policy training programme. Sessions are running all through the end of March, April and the beginning of May. This training is intended to teach and ensure compliance with the Trust’s access policy (as agreed with the local CCG) and the national rules on the management of routine elective waiting times.

Administrative staff have access to an area of the Intranet site that is dedicated to 18 weeks and contains national guidance documents, and local information such as action cards. (Action cards help staff with scenarios that they may encounter when speaking to patients and also break the action policy down into easy to digest sections)

The Trust has also developed some e-learning packages relating to RTT and the Access Policy. Competence is measured via a pass mark of 85% or more.

Training for staff to support the use of the PAS (Patient Administration System) in the correct recording of patient waiting times is always available, however the Trust PAS system is about to have a new version installed and Trust wide training will be rolled out at that point. This is anticipated to be May/June.

The clinic outcome forms are being reviewed and streamlined to support Consultant/Clinician completion which will also facilitate continued accurate monitoring of patient waiting times.