Case Number 3602
Request Date 25/04/2014
Completion Date 05/06/2014


Details of the Request

FIRSTLY, the number of patients who present themselves to your Hospital (‘s) A&E department(s) without urgent medical need each month into two categories:

  1. NON-URGENT – care that was of a non-urgent nature and could/should have been dealt with elsewhere.
  2. NON MEDICAL – people who attended A&E for non-medical reasons and are assessed then discharged or denied admittance (e.g drunken individuals, homeless persons looking for admittance to avoid sleeping rough and any other non-medical reason for visiting A&E etc.)

SECONDLY, how many of the above cases are ‘repeat presentations’ – individuals who regularly present themselves at A&E and the amount of times they do this per month. (For example: of the 100 ‘non-medical’ presentations to A&E in April 2013, 20 of them were repeat presentations from the same individual or 45 of them were repeat presentations by two persons.)

If possible please present the information month by month for the period of 1st April 2013 through to 31st March 2014.


Details of the Response

The Trust is unable to answer this FOI as our coding structures do not lend themselves to the categories which have been requested.