Case Number 3651
Request Date 02/06/2014
Completion Date 23/06/2014


Details of the Request

  1. For each of the past five financial years, I would like to know how much the trust has spent on A- parking fines, B – speeding fines – C – other driving offences (please state nature of offence).
  2. For each year I would like a table which should include the totals for each category of motoring offence and overall totals for each year.
  3. If you have a record of any of the fines being reclaimed by the trust, please indicate this in a separate column on the table and state how much was recouped.


Details of the Response

The Trust does not pay motoring fines; under the Road Traffic Act we are allowed to make representation which enables parking fines to be directed to vehicle users. The Trust has not received a parking fine for a Trust owned vehicle.

In the case of other traffic offences and speeding fines the driver’s details are passed to the relevant policing authority and they then deal with the driver direct.