Case Number 3652
Request Date 03/06/2014
Completion Date 25/09/2014


Details of the Request

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I seek the following information about service line activity and income by delivery mode for your hospital:

For each method of: Outpatient, A&E, Elective (including day cases), and Non-Elective within every service line, the amount of income generated, and their reported count of activity for fiscal years FY ‘09/10 through FY ‘13/14. Please specify how you measure an activity (e.g. A&E attendance, elective FCE).

I would prefer to receive this information electronically, preferably in Excel format similar to the table below.

Fiscal Year Type (elective/ non-elective/ Outpatient/ A&E) Service Line Income Count of Activity
200910 Elective 100-General surgery X Y
200910 Non-elective 100-General surgery X Y
200910 Outpatient 100-General surgery X Y
200910 Elective 101-Urology X Y


Details of the Response

Please see attached response.

The Trust holds the requested information for years 2009/10 and 2010/11, but considers it is exempt under section 12 of the Act, as the cost of compliance is estimated to exceed the appropriate limit.