Case Number 3662
Request Date 13/06/2014
Completion Date 22/09/2014


Details of the Request

For each external/3rd hosting contract can you please provide me with I have provided below:

  • Type of External Hosting Contract: The types of hosting could include SaaS or Application, Ecommerce, Exchange, Web, VOIP, Contact Centre, and Unified Communications.
  • Supplier Name: Who is the contracted supplier for this external hosting?
  • Annual Average Spend: The annual average spend for this contract and please provide the average spend over the past 3 years for each provider. If this is a new contract please provide me with the estimated annual average spend.
  • Contract Duration: Please state the duration of the contract including any extensions.
  • Contract Expiry Date: When does this contract expiry? DD/MM/YY
  • Contract Review Date: When will the contract be reviewed? DD/MM/YY
  • Contract Description: Please provide me with information of the services provided under this contract.
  • Internal Contact: Can you please provide me with the contact details of the person responsible for this contract please include their full name, actual job title and direct contact number and email address.


Details of the Response

An email was sent by the Trust on 16th June 2014 asking for clarification but no response was received.