Case Number 3682
Request Date 02/07/2014
Completion Date 23/07/2014


Details of the Request

For each of the last five years for which figures are available, how many emergency admissions were attributable, or partially attributable, to the consumption of:

  1. mephedrone;
  2. piperazine;
  3. salvia divinorum.

If locating all the data takes over the allotted time, please prioritise 'a', and then 'b'.

If data is not available for previous 5 years, please supply the data for the years which is available.

The aim of my inquiry is to ascertain if there has been an increase in admissions related to New Psychoactive Substances (so-called 'legal highs') have increased. If you believe there is a better question to ask, please do let me know.


Details of the Response

Patients who were recorded as emergency admissions with diagnosis of drug Mephedrone or Piperzazine present, Jan 2009 to June 2014

Yr Emergency Admissions Drug
2009 16 Mephedrone
2010 12 Mephedrone
2011 14 Mephedrone
2012 12 Mephedrone
2013 17 Mephedrone
2014 9 Mephedrone
2014 1 Piperazine

The trust does not hold data on salvia divinorum.