Case Number 3690
Request Date 07/07/2014
Completion Date 06/08/2014


Details of the Request

Please can you tell me how many elective patients at the trust were referred to private providers in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15, so far?

Please could you provide a figure for each financial year detailed above.

Please could you also tell me how many of these referrals were turned down by the private provider and include the reason, if any was given.


Details of the Response

  Number of patients formally referred to private sector Cancelled or rejected referrals
2012/13 435 65
2013/14 286 108
2014/15 (01/04/2014 - 15/07/2014) 601 214


Please note that this information includes formal referrals to the private sector. It does not include patients identified by the Trust for outsourcing but not formally referred. This situation may occur if a private provider makes clear to the Trust that one of their exclusion criteria would make a formal referral inappropriate. The Trust does not record data for these instances.

The Trust does not record individual reasons for private referrals not completed. However, the primary reason behind a private referral not being completed is clinical unsuitability – either a deterioration in a patient’s condition or a pre-existing complication, both meaning treatment in general acute hospital is more appropriate.