Case Number 3692
Request Date 08/07/2014
Completion Date 24/07/2014


Details of the Request

I am writing to ask if you can inform me of the key work programmes currently undertaken at the Trust. I would also sincerely appreciate it, if you could direct me to appropriate reference sources that contain this information.


Details of the Response

Ashford and St Peters NHS Trust provides staff training and development to enable our staff to fulfil their potential while meeting the needs of patients and NHS priorities. The development programmes we offer can be grouped in the following categories:

  • Mandatory and Statutory training
  • Vocational and professional training
  • Personal effectiveness development
  • Leadership and Management Development


The summary below gives a summary of the programmes that we have offer; these are subject to change as we continually review the programmes offered to ensure we best meet training needs within our available resources.

Managers work with staff, in particular through our appraisal process, to identify a personal development plan that determines the development that an individual staff member will undertake in order to be effective in their current role and develop personally and professionally.


Mandatory and Statutory Training

The programmes here include an induction programme for all new staff to provide an introduction and orientation to the organisation, employment policies, understanding the Trust values and appraisal system. In addition each department offers a local induction to ensure all staff are aware of the local facilities and local safety requirements.

There are a number of Health and Safety Training programmes. Some of these apply to all staff for example fire safety. Each staff member is given a personal record of the programmes that they are expected to attend. Typical programmes include moving and handling, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, information governance and fire safety. Programmes are attended within a few months of an employee joining the organisation and staff are expected to attend refresher programmes as required by their role with the support of their manager.


Vocational and Profession specific Training

We offer programmes that support staff to demonstrate their competence in their current role and which can support them to progress in their career. This includes programmes that are recognised in the Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF). These enable for example Healthcare Assistants to develop the skills for their current role and, should they choose to, the skills that will enable them to progress towards a full nursing qualification. We offer nationally recognised apprenticeship programmes for support staff also. For our clinical staff there are programmes that support their continued professional development. These include clinical education programmes.


Personal effectiveness

All of our staff have access to a range of programmes that aim to improve their personal effectiveness at work. This includes training in IT systems for which we have a dedicated on site facility the Minerva centre. The Minerva centre delivers IT training in basic computing skills and the packages that we use at the Trust including the Microsoft office suite. In addition there are e-learning programmes available to staff.

Personal effectiveness training programmes that we offer include Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, assertive behaviours, Time management and handling difficult conversations.


Leadership and Management Development

Leaders and Managers in the organisation are offered additional development opportunities to support them to lead and manage their teams effectively. We offer nationally recognised institute of Leadership and Management qualifications at level 3, level 5 and level 7. In addition we have a range of training programmes including engaging the team, appraisal skills for managers, recruitment and selection and business and commercial training. Those newly appointed to a consultant post are offered an induction and leadership programme to equip them with the core skills for this important leadership role.


Further Information

Further information about the training offered at the Trust is available on the Trust website.