Case Number 3707
Request Date 14/07/2014
Completion Date 07/08/2014


Details of the Request

1. Do you have a policy on seeking consent for organ transplantation? If so, can you provide me with a copy?


2. The National Blood and Transplant Service provides the following frequently asked question and answer on its website:

• 43. What will happen if my relatives object?

We know that in most cases families will agree to donation if they knew that was their loved one's wish. If the family, or those closest to the person who has died, object to the donation when the person who has died has given their explicit permission, either by telling relatives, close friends or clinical staff, or by carrying a donor card or registering their wishes on the NHS Organ Donor Register, healthcare professionals will discuss the matter sensitively with them. They will be encouraged to accept the dead person's wishes and it will be made clear that they do not have the legal right to veto or overrule those wishes. There may, nevertheless, be cases where it would be inappropriate for donation to go ahead.

Can you provide information about how often in your trust in the last 5 years, that the objections of relatives have led to a decision not to take organs which would otherwise have been suitable for transplantation?


3. Do you collect and keep information about the incidence in your trust of relatives’ refusals and decisions not to take organs for donation?


Details of the Response

  1. Please follow the link to view a copy of the Trust’s policy on seeking consent for organ transplantation.
  2. This data is held by the National Blood and Transplant Service.
  3. We audit and keep basic information at trust level. More in-depth reports of information gathered via audit is collated and securely stored by NHS Blood and Transplant.