Case Number 3712
Request Date 16/07/2014
Completion Date 21/07/2014


Details of the Request

Due to the ambitious targets set to have a Paperless or Paperlite NHS I am interested in looking at the technologies that are in place to reduce paper use within NHS organisations and what technologies you have in place or are implementing to reduce paper processes. To this end could you please answer the following questions.

  1. How many employees does your organization currently have?
  2. Who currently is contracted to supply your main fleet of printing devices (MFD’s)?
  3. What brand of device do they supply you with?
  4. How many devices do they supply you with?
  5. Do they supply you with an print management software? If so which one?
  6. Do they supply you with any scanning software (additional to the software native to the device)?
  7. When is this contract (for your MFD’s) due to expire?
  8. What Document Management solution/s do you currently use within your organization?
  9. What EPR (electronic patient record), also known as HER (electronic health record) do you have/will you roll out?
  10. What PDF software do you pay for? And how many licenses do you pay for (an average per annum would be a good number here please)?
  11. Who is the person within your organization responsible for the MFD’s and the contract, what is their title, and their email address please?


Details of the Response

1) How many employees does your organisation currently have?



2) Who supplies your multifunctional devices (main printer fleet)?

Konica Minolta


3) How many devices do they supply?



4) What BRAND device/s do they supply (Canon, Ricoh, Xerox, Kyocera, Dell, Samsung, HP, Epson, Toshiba, Konica Minolta, ect)?

Konica Minolta


5) Do they also supply print management software?



6) Do they also supply any additional scanning software?

Only that which is built into the MFD


7) When does the contract for your print fleet expire?

The Framework expires on the 28/2/2015 but multi-functional devices are leased past this date on a five year term


8) What PDF solutions do you pay for (not free readers like Adobe)?



9) What Document Management/Document Repository/s do you use within the organisation?

Pathology use Windip


10) What EPR/HER (electronic patient/health record system) do you have in place or are putting in place?

This is out on procurement and no vendor decision made yet.


11) Who is the contact within the organisation responsible for the print fleet?

Melvyn Lake
Associate Director of Procurement