Case Number 3730
Request Date 28/07/2014
Completion Date 28/07/2014


Details of the Request

  1. How many MRI devices are used, by your trust, for NHS patients?
  2. What is the make and model of your MRI Scanners that are used for NHS patients?
  3. How many Channels?
  4. When did you install the MRI Scanners?
  5. Was/Were the scanner(s)s an addition or an upgrade/replacement to an existing Scanner?
  6. If this was an upgrade/replacement, can you please give the make and model of the previous scanner?
  7. Please comment on the level of utilisation of your scanners for NHS patients (hours per day)?


Details of the Response

The Trust does not hold this information as the MRI machines are run by Allied Medical not Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.