Case Number 3427
Request Date 07/01/2014
Completion Date 27/01/2014


Details of the Request

  1. Please list all the medicines formularies used by your organisation. For example
    • Shared Care Formulary
    • Traffic Lights
    • CCG Formulary
  2. Is this shared with any other trust or CCG?  If Yes, who
  3. Who oversees the management of the formulary?
  4. Who is the main contact for the formulary?
  5. Please provide a list of all products on the formulary related to the management of diabetes with formulary status e.g. first line, red, second line
  6. Can you advise when each of these products were added to the formulary
  7. Please provide dates for Formulary meetings in 2014
  8. Please advise who sits on the formulary committee.
  9. Please provide criteria for acceptance of a product onto the formulary
  10. Please provide a copy of the formulary
  11. Please provide the Terms of Reference


Details of the Response

See attached response: