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Case Number 6227
Request Date 28/08/2018
Completion Date 05/09/2018


Details of the Request

Please can you answer the following questions relating to the rota/rostering system(s) you currently use:

  1. Name of Softwares
  2. Description of their uses (including the staffing groups or departments they are used for)
  3. Who signed the contract (job title)
  4. What is the maximum sign off value of this person's position?
  5. What was the value of the contract?
  6. What is the contract term?
  7. When was it signed?
  8. What is the notice period?
  9. Was it bought through a framework? If so, please state which one


Details of the Response

The Trust holds this information, but considers it is exempt under section 21 of the Act, as it is reasonably accessible to you by other means. You can find the information on the following link – please search for response to FOI 5292.