Case Number 6241
Request Date 30/08/2018
Completion Date 26/09/2018


Details of the Request

For each year between 2009 and up-to the end of 2017, how many babies born under your trust were born to drug dependent mothers and once born, were transferred to a drug treatment programme to wean them off their addiction?


Details of the Response

The number of babies that were born to drug dependent Mothers between 01.01.09- 31.12.17 was 114 and out of those numbers 15 * babies were treated with medication.

No. of babies born to drug dependent Mothers:

2009 0
2010 9
2011 11
2012 19
2013 19
2014 14
2015 12
2016 20
2017 24
Total 114

* Ashford & St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust can confirm that it holds the information you have requested annually. However, the Trust believes that this information is exempt under section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act (2000) as due to the low numbers involved it is possible that individuals may be identified.