Case Number 8979
Request Date 24/11/2022
Completion Date 14/12/2022


Details of the Request

Recently the ICU guidelines have been put on an app called Padlet, this change has been pushed by younger nursing staff and some junior doctors. Please provide the following information:

1. The equality impact assessment for the use of padlet within this department?

2. Study design and methodology, and sample selection, showing that steps were taken to avoid bias in sampling and to show all stake holders had enough time to respond.

3. Results and analysis of first survey

4. The following dates

  • Date the study gained approval from the Quality Improvement team
  • Date survey was initially sent to staff
  • Date survey closed
  • Date analysis was completed
  • Date signs and posters appeared in the ICU department advertising the use of padlet

5. Details and dates of training provided to Foundation Year 1 doctors who carry out quality improvement projects.

6. Any policies or risk assessments carried out by the Foundation School Director / Educational Supervisors to ensure that nurses and other staff groups are not adversely affected by inexperienced foundation doctors seeking to enhance their CV.


Details of the Response

Question 1. The equality impact assessment for the use of padlet within this department?

This question (1) is asking for a personal opinion, the FOI Act covers any recorded information that is held by a public authority. Therefore, we are unable to respond.

If you would like a response for this question, please resubmit your FOI but removing specific references to named individuals, as this constitutes personal data (Exemption Section 40.2).


Regarding Questions 2 - 6:

ASPH uses the Padlet application as a digital notice board for staff to access shared documents. The app can be utilised by the variety of electronic devices that are in use across the hospital, such as PC’s, tablets, and handheld mobile devices.

Documents can be easily downloaded to be opened in a parent app, such as Adobe Reader, or Microsoft Word, or viewed directly in the Padlet app itself.

Some staff members prefer to print out documents onto paper, and this is supported and enabled in all ward environments.

Padlet has been extensively used around the Trust by multiple departments for some time, with very positive feedback from staff.

The ITU Guidelines Padlet can be accessed via either a QR code, a web-link, or a username and password. Staff are supported and enabled to use whichever device, whichever method of reading, and whichever method of access that they find most suitable for themselves.

The ITU can be a high intensity, high stress environment. The senior medical and nursing teams strive to provide close supervision and support to all team members in their daily working, finding bespoke, individualised solutions for any challenges they may face.

Dr Anthony Parsons, Specialty Lead for Intensive Care Medicine, would be happy to discuss further with you, in person or via email, the ITU information technology strategy, our vision of psychological safety, and how we mentor and support all our staff to thrive, achieve personal development, and contribute to providing the very best patient care.



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