Contract Title Catering Services
Supplier OCS, Chris Ashmore and Mark Coppard
Cost (per annum) £288,717.20
Total Contract Value £1,443,586.00 plus one year extension £288,717.20 = £1,732,303.20
Start Date 01/04/12
End Date 31/03/2017 extended to 31/03/2018 and extended to 31/03/2019 [?and further continuation to 31/03/20 pending re-procurement] Renewed the contract for 12months (1/04/2018- 31/03/2019). Further re procurement would be depend on St Peters Hospital Expansion plans , Multistoried Carpak, Retail food court etc. With in this term of 12 months 6 months review and discuss teh future plans for continuation of the contract.
Extension Options 2 x 12 months (first taken up)