Contract Title Database Management System for Foundation Trust Membership
Supplier Membership Engagement Services
Cost (per annum) £6,175 (comprised of £5,700.00 annual fee plus annual addition of £475 for add-on of Click Email 2017 onwards) [originally £5,375.00 originally and pro-rated at same level for seven month continuation; then increased to £5,700.00]
Total Contract Value £47,935 (comprised of primary term of £20,575.00 plus seven months continuation of £3,135.00 = £23,710.00 plus 12 months continuation at £5700.00 plus £18,525.00 for the three year continuation)
Start Date 01/07/12
End Date 03/09/2015 with continuation over to 31/03/16 then end-user arranged further to 31/03/17 and following options appraisal with procurement a further three year continuation to 31/3/2020
Extension Options n/a but continued over several times for range of reasons