Minutes Paper 2.1
Matters Arising: Action Log Paper 3.1
Chairman’s Report Paper 4.1
Chief Executive’s Report Paper 4.2
QAPC Minutes Paper 5.1
Quality Report Paper 5.2
Safer Staffing Report Paper 5.3
Safer Staffing 6 Monthly Acuity Review Paper 5.4
Board Assurance Framework Paper 5.5
Health and Safety Report Paper 5.6
Medicines Reconciliation at the Weekend and Seven Day Working in Pharmacy Paper 5.7
Trust Risk Register Paper 5.8
Performance Report Paper 6.1
Balanced Scorecard Paper 6.2
Financial Management Committee Minutes Paper 6.3
Monitor Q4 Submission Paper 7.1
Draft Quality Account Annual Report Paper 7.2
Patient Experience Annual Report Paper 7.3
Register of Interests Paper 7.4
Quality and Performance Committee Annual Report Paper 7.5
Draft Audit Committee Minutes Paper 7.6