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A staff member and clinical supplies

At Ashford and St. Peter’s we are proud of the excellent care we provide for our patients and of our role as an important local employer.

We are a good organisation, but believe as a Foundation Trust we have the potential to become a great organisation.

We want to provide the best quality care for our patients, an excellent working environment for our staff and the right healthcare services for our local community. We plan to use the benefits of being a Foundation Trust to do this.

We were licenced as a Foundation Trust from December 1st, 2010.


NHS Foundation Trusts are membership organisations and are run differently. All the 3,400 staff of Ashford & St. Peter’s are members of the Foundation Trust and members of the public can become members, too. Currently, there are more than 10,000 members in total.

As a NHS Foundation Trust we have greater freedom and scope to provide even better services for our patients and the communities that we serve.

We have greater financial freedom and are now able to keep and invest any money we generate in new services, equipment and buildings. We are able to look at new commercial initiatives and partnerships to support and develop patient care.

You can find out more on our main website as well as how to apply to become a member.


In this section we have a summary of useful documentation including newsletters and membership board papers.


Formal Documents

Annual Audit Report to the Council of Governors 2012/13
Annual Audit Report to the Council of Governors 2013/14
Annual Audit Report to the Council of Governors 2014/15
Annual Report and Accounts 2012/13
Annual Report and Accounts 2013/14
Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15
Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16
Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17
Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18
Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19
Annual Report and Accounts 2019/20
Annual Report and Accounts 2020/21
Becoming a Governor - Information Sheet
Register of Interests of the Council of Governors - December 2021
Register of Members of the Council of Governors - December 2021
Code of Conduct - September 2018
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)



Becoming a Governor
Canvassing Protocol
Election to the Council of Governors - September 2010 - Uncontested Report
Election to the Council of Governors - October 2013
Election to the Council of Governors - October 2015
Election Statements - Runnymede
Election Statements - Windsor and Maidenhead
Notice of Election - February 2012
Notice of Election - August 2012
Notice of Election - July 2013
Notice of Election - August 2014
Notice of Election - August 2015
Notice of Election - August 2016
Notice of Election - September 2018
Notice of Election - October 2018
Notice of Election - August 2019
Notice of Election - August 2021
Notice of Election - August 2022
Notice of Poll - March 2012
Notice of Poll - September 2012
Notice of Poll - September 2013
Notice of Poll - October 2015
Notice of Poll - September 2016
Notice of Poll - October 2019
Report on Voting - November 2010
Report on Voting - April 2012
Report on Voting - October 2012
Report on Voting - October 2013
Report on Voting - September 2014
Report on Voting - November 2015
Report on Voting - November 2016
Report on Voting - November 2018
Report on Voting - November 2019
Report on Voting - November 2021 (Elmbridge)
Report on Voting - November 2021 (Runnymede. Surrey Heath, Windsor and Maidenhead)
Report on Voting - November 2021 (Volunteers)
Report on Voting - November 2021 (Spelthorne)
Report on Voting - November 2021 (Ancillary, Admin and Clerical, Managerial)
Role of the Lead Governor
Staff Constituencies - October 2014
Statement of Candidates - September 2012
Statement of Candidates - September 2013
Statement of Candidates - August 2014
Uncontested Report - September 2012
Uncontested Report - September 2013
Uncontested Report - October 2015
Uncontested Report - September 2016
Uncontested Report - November 2019
Uncontested Report - November 2021 (Medical and Dental)


Council of Governor Meeting Papers

Month of Meeting
September 2022 June 2022
March 2022
December 2021
September 2021
June 2021
March 2021 December 2020
September 2020 March 2020 December 2019 September 2019
June 2019 March 2019 December 2018 September 2018
June 2018 March 2018 December 2017 September 2017
June 2017 March 2017 December 2016 September 2016
June 2016 March 2016 December 2015 September 2015
June 2015 March 2015 December 2014 September 2014
June 2014 March 2014 December 2013 September 2013
May 2013 February 2013 December 2012 September 2012
July 2012 May 2012 February 2012 December 2011
September 2011 May 2011 February 2011 December 2010



Members Matters has now been incorporated into our quarterly magazine.

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Summer 2015

  • Annual Review 2014/15
  • Patient Experience and Outcomes
  • Our Emergency Care Pathway
  • Teams, Technology, and Productivity
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Spring 2015

  • Update on our merger plans
  • Our Pharmacy Team
  • Care Quality Commission Inspection Report
  • Radio Wey celebrates 50 years of hospital radio
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Winter 2014

  • Opening of Abbey Birth Centre
  • New Ashford Chemotherapy Service
  • Spring to Green
  • Donation to breast cancer support group
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Summer 2014

  • Suzanne appointed as new Chief Executive
  • Notice of Bye-election
  • Our merger - Necessary or Convenient?
  • Our clinical vision for merger - in more detail
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Spring 2014

  • Ashford & St Peter’s award winning staff
  • Andrew Liles stepping down as Chief Executive
  • Nutrition and Hydration Week
  • Trust’s Orthogeriatrics team shortlisted for BMJ Award
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Autumn 2013

  • Check It Out!
  • New Ashford Outpatients Department Opens
  • Showcasing our therapies
  • Annual Members’ Meeting
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Summer 2013

  • Together we Care
  • A special look at our A&E department
  • Ground breaking knee surgery
  • Nutrition for Life
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Spring 2013

  • Reflections on the Francis Report
  • More choice for local women
  • Reaching out to patients with dementia
  • Looking after you before the birth
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Winter 2012

  • Screening and surgery is saving lives
  • Inspirational address from Archbishop Tutu
  • Epsom Transaction Halted
  • Vigilant consultants save patient’s life twice
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Autumm 2012

  • New shop at Ashford Hospital
  • The Queen’s Award presented to Volunteers
  • All in a night’s work
  • Care Quality Commission declares us fully compliant
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Summer 2012

  • Friends celebrate double anniversaries
  • Volunteers receive Queen’s Award
  • Vascular Services
  • Major refurbishment for Ashford outpatients department
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Spring 2012

  • Congratulations to our 6000th member!
  • Introducing the Trust’s new Medical Director
  • All in a day’s work
  • New technology improving patients’ experience
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Winter 2011

  • 2011 Hospital Guide
  • Epsom Hospital
  • The Rowley Bristow Unit
  • Getting it right in outpatients
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Summer 2011

  • Nominated as Top 40 Hospital
  • Car Parking Improvements
  • Living Our Values
  • Promoting the gift of life
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Spring 2011

  • Our response to the Health Ombudsman’s Report
  • Staff rate Trust amongst the best!
  • Focus on our Emergency Services
  • Engaging our clinicians
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Winter 2010

  • Continued low mortality rates
  • Our new visiting hours
  • Improving quality and efficiency - fractured hips
  • Introducing our new Council of Governors
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Summer 2010

  • Nominate yourself as a Governor!
  • Celebrating successes in Maternity Services
  • Making our contribution count
  • High ratings for patient environments welcomed
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Spring 2010

  • Registration with CQC
  • Long term plans for St Peter’s
  • How are we living our Trust values?
  • Staff Achievement Awards 2010
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Winter 2009

  • Successful hygiene spot check
  • Improving Maternity Services
  • Annual Performance Rating 2008/09
  • Safeguarding your Privacy and Dignity


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