Latest figures show that over the last four years (September 2001 to September 2004) Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals have recruited:

  • an extra 48 doctors
  • 100 more nurses
  • and 82 more allied health professionals (e.g. therapists, scientists)

Total staff numbers at the Trust have increased over the four years from 2,739 to 3,061- an increase of 322 Between September 2001 and September 2004 there has been a 14% (304) per cent increase in whole time equivalent posts, across all staff groups .

At February 2005 the total number of medical, dental, nursing, therapy, radiography, scientists and theatre staff working for the Trust stood at 1,822 with a further 260 nurses in training. At February 2005 the total number of staff employed was 3,133, showing further increases on the September figures.

Siân Thomas, Director of Human Resources at Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust said: "These figures show a year-on-year growth in the number of doctors, nurses, therapists, scientists , and many other staff working in the Trust , mainly due to the fact that more staff are remaining here at the hospitals than ever before due to the huge improvements we have made in improving the working lives of our staff .Many of the recent improvements such as holiday play schemes for staff and the prospect of better pay through a new pay system are now paying off. This is having a huge impact on patients, helping them to access treatment faster and get better care. We now have more doctors, nurses, scientists and therapists than ever before. And during this time waiting times for patients have fallen significantly.”

Nationally the NHS is the world's biggest 'army for good', employing more than 1.33 million people who make a difference every day by delivering high quality treatment, care, advice and support to patients.

Sir Nigel Crisp, national NHS Chief Executive said: “New ways of working at Ashford and St. Peter’s are bringing real benefits for patients. Increasingly we are seeing nurses and other healthcare staff taking on new roles and responsibilities such nurse prescribers who can prescribe drugs for a range of conditions like diabetes and asthma. However we realise that some areas of the NHS still struggle with shortages which is why we are constantly trying not only to retain our staff but to make the NHS a more attractive employer through improved pay and conditions, flexible working and increased access to childcare."


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