Over the last two months Accident & Emergency staff at Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals have raised £900 to support Tsunami relief efforts in Sri Lanka. Nurse Shoba Mooneeram has organised all the events which have included a New and Nearly New Sale on 17th February, a Social Evening with buffet meal on 4th March; a Takeaway International Lunch for Staff on 17th March and a Grand Prize Raffle on 24th March.

The £900 is to be presented to Dr Nalla, an A&E doctor at Ashford and St. Peter’s, who will deliver the funds to Sri Lanka.

Other areas of Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals have also contributed to Tsunami appeals:

  • On 27th January the Ashford Hospital League of Friends held a ‘Book Bonanza’ in the West Wing, and together with a raffle they ran the week previous from the Atrium Café, raised £907.
  • Pharmacy collected and sent 80 boxes of dried food to Sri Lanka. Most of the packing was done by Moira Morris one of the invoice controllers in her lunch break and early each morning before work. Moira also rallied all her neighbours into supporting this good cause and brought 20 boxes in with her one morning with the assistance of the Transport Department.
  • On Friday 7th January the League of Friends at St. Peter’s donated the whole day’s takings from the shop and the café at St. Peter’s. The amount raised, with the extra money from ‘Gift Aid’, was £7,680.


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