Responding to suggestions about car parking at St. Peter’s Hospital from readers of the Woking News & Mail Rex Cassidy, Facilities General Manager said: “Over the last two years we have taken action in a number of areas to improve travel to hospital arrangements. We surveyed patients and visitors and found that around 10 per cent have a difficulty with travel to hospital. As a result we have expanded the inter-site ‘Hospital Hopper’ service; increased the number of car parking spaces; and improved the signposting. We have introduced and reprinted ‘Travel to Hospital’ leaflets for both sites; now have a travel helpline – 01932-722218; – and have just started a car share scheme for staff and are increasing the number of cycle racks. Patients can also help by asking for their appointment time to be changed if it is too late or too early for public transport.

“We are now looking at whether some re-routing and expansion of the Peterbus service is possible and whether it is possible to move the bus stop at the bottom of the site, but the options for relocation may be limited due to the size of some of the buses.

“On parking we are looking at the possibility of a park and ride scheme from Addlestone and whether we can make a significant increase to car parking at the St. Peter’s site including putting a ‘deck’ over the existing main outpatients car park. This will however be subject to planning permission and the planning authorities have very clear guidelines on the amount of parking space allowed. We welcome the suggestion that it might be possible to designate parking spaces for the elderly and infirm in addition to disabled parking. We will look at this in more detail as we develop proposals for more car parking.

“Despite all this activity there is however a limit to what we can do without some willingness on the part of the public and staff to make use of public transport, and the County Council and bus operating companies are understandably unwilling to support services which the public do not use.”

“As an increasingly busy hospital we are always looking for new ways to help ease the parking congestion on the site, for the benefit of our patients. In the mean-time we would continue to encourage visitors to ask themselves whether they really need to bring their car to the St. Peter's site.

Information about how to travel to either Ashford or St. Peter's Hospital is available on our website at


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