This policy set out the arrangements where Consultant and SAS doctors may be required to undertake duties usually performed by a more junior member of medical staff.



This policy applies to Consultant and SAS Medical Staff.



The Trust recognises the need to safely maintain services as a result of an emergency or a crisis. The purpose of this Policy is to:

  • Describe the actions that should be taken to minimise the need for Consultants and SAS doctors to ‘act down’ out of hours.
  • Articulate the arrangements for requesting Consultants and SAS doctors to ‘act down’ providing clear guidance to the process for consultants who ’act down’ to a lower medical grade as a result of an emergency or crisis;
  • Formalise the remuneration and compensation arrangements for individuals who ‘act down’;
  • Outline the audit, monitoring, and review of this policy.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Head of Medical Workforce
Ratified by: Trust Executive Committee
Date Ratified: November 2019
Date Issued: September 2022
Review Date: November 2022
Target Audience: Consultants / SAS Doctors / Managers
Contact name: Head of Medical Workforce


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