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This document describes the ASPH Trust’s policy and sets out a professional and effective approach, for NHS organisations to deliver a clean and safe environment for everyone using healthcare facilities, by contributing to and supporting the Trust Infection Prevention and Control policies and procedures and implementing a whole system approach that includes all healthcare and associated professionals.


Governance and Risk

This strategic plan supported by the operational cleaning plan will enable the Trust to achieve compliance with all relevant legislation and guidance and fits within the trust’s organisational governance and risk management framework.

The operational cleaning plan must take account of:

  • Compliance with safe practice notices and management action plans.
  • Matrons charter and the revised Healthcare cleaning manual, The Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual has a complementary relationship with other cleaning-related publications: The National Specifications for Cleanliness in the NHS, published by the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), and Revised Guidance on Contracting for Cleaning, published by Department of Health (DH).
  • Demonstrating due diligence.
  • Evidence based practice.
  • The Trust’s responsibility in ensuring competency, through training for all levels of individuals commensurate with their roles and responsibility in providing a clean environment.

Trusts need to be able to demonstrate that healthcare premises are clean and that risks from inadequate or inappropriate cleaning have been minimised. All cleaning related risks should be identified and managed on a consistent long-term basis, irrespective of where the responsibility for providing cleaning services lies and if necessary entered onto the risk register.

This outcome can be used as a basis for developing service level agreements; benchmarking; and establishing the right staffing levels.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: William Britton, Head of Facilities Support Services
Ratified by: Non Clinical Risk Committee
Date Ratified: November 2019
Date Issued: January 2020
Review Date: April 2021
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: William Britton, Head of Facilities Support Services