In this section, we shall include the Trust’s response to each request received under the Freedom of Information Act.


We will not publish details of the requester or any other patient or staff identifiable information. We do not release the contact details of staff members below pay band 7 or salary details beyond pay grade.

Details of senior staff members can be found on our organisation chart. They can be contacted throught the main switchboard 01932 872000. All staff are advised not to respond to sales enquiries or "cold calls".

We shall include details of any exemptions made as well as responses to follow up questions. If additional queries are of a substantial nature (i.e. they involve more staff time to investigate and seek information rather than clarifying an existing response), they may be dealt with as a new request.



Under the terms of the Act we shall try to respond to all requests within 20 working days. However, where key staff members are sick or on leave we may ask for an extension to this deadline. This may also be the case if we need to seek further advice before releasing the materials. Delays do occur if the request is not sent directly to the FOI team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Currently the Trust does not apply a charge for requests but we are entitled to refuse a request (or requests from the same person) if the estimated cost of collection is greater than £450 (equivalent to 18 hours of staff time at £25 per hour).

If you are unhappy with our response, please contact our FOI team and we can seek further information or begin a formal review.


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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