Case Number 6854
Request Date 23/07/2019
Completion Date  


Details of the Request

We have just implemented patient self-check-in kiosks at our trust and we would like to know how to benchmark our progress by asking other providers who have also implemented kiosks.

  1. 1. Do you use patient self-check-in kiosks at any of your sites? If so,
  2. Who is the supplier of these kiosks?
  3. Are the kiosks used for Outpatients services and if so, which specialties and sites are they available?
  4. If possible, please can you provide percentage utilisation (ideally per month and specialty since they were first installed) at the sites where the patient check-in kiosks are available? (i.e. number of people checked-in via kiosk out of total number of attendances at locations with kiosks)
  5. Do you monitor average outpatient journey time for patients, either by using PAS or kiosk data? (i.e. the time from patient arriving to patient leaving the hospital)
  6. If so, please can you provide:
    • the percentage of data completeness for patient check-out times?
    • the average outpatient journey time for patients? (Ideally broken down by New and Follow-up appointments, and by site or specialty for 2018/19 or similar)


Details of the Response

Request in progress.