Case Number 6872
Request Date 01/08/2019
Completion Date 18/02/2020


Details of the Request

Q1. What percentage of your inpatient beds are covered by air conditioning. Please provide total beds and those with A/C (eg 500 beds, 123 with A/C, 25%)

Q2. How many WTE staff are employed at your principal site and how many staff car parking spaces are there? ( eg 3,000 staff, 800 spaces)

Q3. Do your staff have access to free WiFi which they can use for personal reasons. Yes/No? If No do they have access to paid for WiFi or no WiFi? If they do have access to WiFi (paid or free) what is the percentage (approx will do) of coverage of your principal site.


Details of the Response

The requester was asked to supply their name and as no response was received the request was closed.