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This policy was developed to formalise the arrangements that exist between the dictators of patient letters and the clinical office administrators who process the letters in order to maintain efficiency and continuity of service, to ensure that the processes are clear for reporting errors, faults or risks and identify responsibilities.



This policy applies to all users of the Dictate IT transcription service system and the clinical offices within which they work.



The purpose of this document is to set out the key areas of responsibility in the use of the Dictate IT transcription service and to protect clinical office administrators from any repercussions that may arise from errors contained within a letter that they have been asked to sign on behalf of a dictator. The document is also designed to state best practice and express the Trust’s expectations from users of the system.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Lynn Pyman, Clinical Systems Administrator
Ratified by: IG Steering Committee
Date Ratified: March 2018
Date Issued: March 2018
Review Date: March 2021
Target Audience: Users of Dictate IT, including clinicians, Service Managers, Clinical Office Admin team, Associate Directors of Operations, Clinical Systems Admin team, Head of IT
Contact name: Lynn Pyman, Clinical Systems Administrator