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This plan is intended to provide generic response to adverse weather conditions including; cold, heatwave, flooding, snow & ice conditions which could impact on the business continuity of the Trust. This plan should be read in conjunction with departmental business continuity plans, which provide the standard responses to manage departmental service disruption.



NHS funded organisations, including commissioners and providers of NHS funded services, must show they can deal with an incident or emergency. This programme of work is referred to in the health community as emergency preparedness, resilience and response (EPRR) including the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (provides a duty on category-one responders to warn and inform the public before, during and after an emergency and the Care Act 2014 (requires that the suitability of accommodation is considered in assessing wellbeing). The local resilience forum (LRF) and strategic co-ordinating group (SCG) bring together emergency planning and response arrangements run by local government and the NHS.

Local Health Resilience Partners (LHRPs) have been established to bring together local health organisations to support strategic planning. This will help to ensure that the health sector plays an effective, co-ordinated role in multi-agency planning and response, based around the various agencies’ and providers’ responsibilities at a local level.


Policy Details

Download: N/A
Compiled by: Claire O’Brien, Head of Emergency Planning and Resilience
Estates and Facilities Department
Ratified by: TEC / MI and BCP Group
Date Ratified: November 2021
Date Issued: November 2021
Review Date: November 2022
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Claire O’Brien, Head of Emergency Planning and Resilience


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