In the event of any incident requiring the instigation of command and control (including Major, Internal or business Continuity Incidences), communications will play an integral part in the overall response. Any incident has the potential to generate considerable media interest on a local, regional and potentially national scale. It is imperative that the communication team works directly with the Hospital Control Team (including the Chief Operating Officer (inhrs) Senior Support Manager & Director on Call (OOHs) to ensure a coordinated approach to communications; ensuring effective information cascade to both internal and external partners.



  • To ensure that the relevant details of an incident are communicated to staff, patients and visitors as appropriate
  • To ensure staff and partner organisations are fully briefed and engaged during an incident
  • To ensure staff are fully equipped with clear and accurate information about the current situation; as it develops
  • To ensure staff are fully aware of their responsibility to patients, visitors and colleagues specifically relating to confidentiality
  • To keep our local community informed about any impact on hospital services, by
    • publishing information and updates on our website and via social media
    • ensuring that local and regional media are kept well informed and updated throughout the incident and in the aftermath
  • To respond in a timely and appropriate way to specific media enquiries relating to the incident


Policy Details

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Compiled by: Claire O’Brien and Rebecca Fairbairn
Ratified by: Management Board
Date Ratified: June 2022
Date Issued: October 2022
Review Date: June 2023
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Rebecca Fairbairn


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