This plan is for use during the declaration of an Internal Incidents within either of the hospital sites in the Trust (Ashford or St. Peters ASPH – or the Bradley/Walton Care Units (see appendix for BU/WCU escalation/incident response). It is not possible to develop a plan for every individual scenario; therefore, this is a generic plan that provides a framework to facilitate a coordinated response.


Aims and Objectives

  • To support ASPH in the identification of when to call an Internal Incident
  • To ensure an effective and coordinated response
  • To ensure the safety of patients and staff


Policy Details

Download: N/A
Compiled by: Claire O’Brien, Head of Emergency Planning and Resilience
Ratified by: Major Incident and Business Continuity Group / TEC
Date Ratified: September 2023
Date Issued: September 2023
Review Date: September 2024
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Claire O’Brien, Head of Emergency Planning and Resilience


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