Viral infections, including Flu, Covid, RSV and other emerging respiratory viruses of concern are easily transmitted and therefore pose a significant risk of transmission and associated complications to patients with underlying health conditions including; respiratory/ cardiac disease or immunosuppression, pregnant women, the very young and elderly

During the colder winter months there is a higher prevalence of Flu/RSV/other viruses; affecting health and social care systems. Each year the Trust plans for and responds to surges in demand of flu/CoVid/RSV/Other virus presentations. A robust vaccination programme is in place for staff (& where appropriate) patients, in order to reduce transmission and associated harm.

The staff vaccination programme will be delivered in line with the current national guidance; delivered by OH. A surge in any of the current known dominant viruses (Flu, CoVid-19, RSV etc) will require the introduction of special arrangements to ensure a coordinated and collaborative response; in order to ensure minimisation of spread and associated risk.

In order to protect both its patients and staff the Trust embarks on a yearly Flu vaccination programme.


Aims and Objectives

The aim of the plan is to:

  • Provides an effective response to surge presentation
  • Safeguard and maintain all essential services
  • Safeguard staff & patients
  • Maintains critical care service provision


Policy Details

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Compiled by: Claire O’Brien, Head of Emergency Preparedness & Resilience
Amanda Walker and Shila Patel, (Infection Prevention and Control Team)
Nadine Williams, Occupational Health
Ratified by: IPC / Trust Executive Committee
Date Ratified: June 2022
Date Issued: June 2022
Review Date: June 2023
Target Audience: All clinical teams
Contact name: Claire O’Brien, Head of Emergency Planning and Resilience


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