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Parenteral Nutrition (PN) refers to all types of intravenous feeding. It is a method of providing nutritional support to an individual whose gastrointestinal tract is not functioning or is inaccessible. The role of PN is to prevent or correct malnutrition when this cannot be achieved by oral or enteral feeding alone.


Rationale of Policy

To ensure and maintain patient safety through the appropriate administration of PN. The need for PN should be based on the nutritional assessment of the patient, the potential risks, and the alternatives available, in discussion with and on the review by the nutrition support team and the responsible consultant.


Policy Details

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Compiled by: Nutrition Support Team
Ratified by: Drug and Therapeutics Committee
Date Ratified: August 2018
Date Issued: October 2019
Review Date: June 2020
Target Audience: All staff
Contact name: Anne Chetwood, Senior Pharmacist