Advanced / Specialist Nurses provide high quality individualised care to their patients, and are in a position to make the clinical decision, and give written instructions for appropriate blood component transfusion.

An amendment of Section 130 of the 1968 Medicines Act by regulation 25 of the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations (2005) resulted in Blood Components being excluded from the Medicines Act (1968) and the subsequent Human Medicines Regulations (2012). The effect of the amendment is to exclude blood components from the legal definition of medicinal products. Therefore, although the term ‘prescription’ of blood components is the accepted word, and this has traditionally been regarded as the responsibility of a medical practitioner, there are no legal barriers to other trained, competent, registered practitioners ordering, authorising and administering blood components. There is also no requirement, therefore that these nurses have completed a nurse prescribing module. As prescription remains the word of choice for the authorisation or written instruction for transfusions, it will be used throughout this document to mean authorisation or written instruction for transfusion.

This Policy sets out the framework adopted by Ashford & St Peters NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) for the development and management of non-medical prescribers of blood components, within Haematology/Oncology (including Paediatrics) departments and Intensive Care settings, to ensure a consistent and structured approach across the whole organisation.

Blood components consist of red cells, platelets, fresh frozen plasma (FFP), and cryoprecipitate. Non-medical prescribing will usually only apply to red cells and platelets, with the exception that intensive care specialist nurses will also be able to prescribe FFP & cryoprecipitate.

Ashford & St Peters NHS Foundation Trust is committed to the provision of a service that is fair, accessible and meets the needs of all individuals.


Policy Details

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Compiled by: Kim East, Lead Transfusion Practitioner
Ratified by: BSPS Patient Blood Management Team; ASPH Patient Blood Management Committee
Date Ratified: June 2021
Date Issued: June 2021
Review Date: April 2024
Target Audience: Nurse Managers and Consultants in Haematology/Oncology/ICU Adult & Paediatric departments including Advanced/ Specialist Nurses
Contact name: Kim East, Lead Transfusion Practitioner