A skin biopsy is a common investigation procedure performed in dermatology. To comply with the standards set by the Care Quality Commission (2015), it is important to have a robust standard operating procedure which outlines the roles and responsibilities of dermatology specialist nurse doing nurse-led minor procedures. The aim of this policy is to support staff, while enhancing the efficiency and safety of the patient journey.



This policy applies to all nursing, medical, clerical and allied health professionals who are involved in referring patients, booking appointments, performing procedures and assisting in surgery at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

This procedure will only be undertaken by Specialist Nurse (s) in Dermatology who has successfully completed a validated educational programme including assessment of competency in practice. Skin minor procedure is an extended role for the specialist nurse.



The standard operating procedure guideline in this policy will:

  • Help guide new and existing staff to maintain set standards and adhere to hospital policy
  • Provide the referral pathway for nurse-led skin minor procedure
  • Outline the limitations and responsibilities of all staff involved in nurse-led skin minor procedures
  • Help to maintain patient safety


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Kamaldeep Sidhu, Dermatology Specialist Nurse
Helen McEvoy, Doctor
Ratified by: Senior Nursing and Allied Health Professional Advisory Board
Date Ratified: August 2021
Date Issued: February 2023
Review Date: August 2024
Target Audience: Dermatology Specialist Nurses
Contact name: Kamaldeep Sidhu


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