This document sets out the Health Surveillance programmes carried out by the Occupational Health (OH) department for all new and existing Ashford & St Peters Hospitals (ASPH) NHS Foundation Trust staff whose roles require health surveillance.

Health Surveillance is a process which involves putting in place systematic, regular and appropriate procedures to detect early signs of work-related ill health among employees exposed to certain health risks and acting on the results.

Health surveillance forms an integral part of a risk management programme, which involves hazard identification, risk assessment, elimination or control of the identified risks and periodic evaluation and review of policies, procedures and practices.



This document shall apply to all staff who are at risk of exposure to substances (including by products) or working conditions that may cause injury or be hazardous to health whilst at work or when carrying out their duties.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Justine Johnson, Occupational Health Advisor
Ratified by: Health & Safety Committee
Date Ratified: January 2021
Date Issued: February 2021
Review Date: January 2024
Target Audience: All new or existing staff who require Health Surveillance in their role within the Trust.
Contact name: Justine Johnson, Occupational Health Advisor


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