The Trust is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of its employees. We recognise that workplace immunisation programmes are essential to help reduce both the number of susceptible Health Care Workers (HCW) and the attendant risks for transmission of these diseases to other workers and patients.

This policy is based upon guidance from the Association of National Health Occupational Physicians (ANHOPS) Immunisation of Health Care Workers so as to promote a consistent immunisation approach and the Department of Health ‘Immunisation against Infectious Disease, The Green Book’ (2006), and the integrated guidance on health clearance of healthcare workers and Integrated guidance for management of Blood Borne Virus (hepatitis B hepatitis C and HIV) in Health Care Workers he management of healthcare worker living with blood borne viruses (hepatitis B hepatitis C and HIV) UK Health Security Agency November 2021. It also aims to comply with NICE and other authoritative guidelines.

This policy applies to the Trust and its associated contracts in which the Occupational Health Service provides services to.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Nadine Williams, Occupational Health Manager
Ratified by: Drugs and Therapeutic Committee
Date Ratified: February 2022
Date Issued: November 2022
Review Date: February 2025
Target Audience: All Occupational Health staff administering medicine and vaccines in the course of their duties
Contact name: Nadine Williams, Occupational Health Manager


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