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This operational policy covers the use and management of the VitalPAC system across the organisation, wherever patient observations are recorded and viewed. In combination with hands-on training and published user guides, readers of this policy should be able to record observations and escalate deteriorating patients safely and effectively.

“All areas with VitalPAC must enter the observations into the electronic devices. No observations are to be documented on paper charts or Integrated Care Pathways (ICPs). The only exception to this would be during a system failure or scheduled downtime where the Business Continuity Plan has been invoked.”

Heather Caudle
Chief Nurse



This policy applies to the following staff groups:

  • All frontline clinical staff recording patient observations in adult inpatient ward areas
  • Clinical staff viewing patient observations and associated data (e.g. pathology results)
  • Non-clinical staff requiring access to patient observations (e.g. claims, clinical governance, clinical coders)



The purpose of this document is to set out the procedures to follow when using VitalPAC so that there is continuity of observations and minimal risk to patient care.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Carol A Jones, VitalPAC Training and Implementation Lead
Ratified by: Senior Nursing and Midwifery Committee
Date Ratified: September 2016
Date Issued: September 2016
Review Date: August 2018
Target Audience: All users of the VitalPAC application suite
Contact name: Carol A Jones, VitalPAC Training and Implementation Lead


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