Executive Summary

Ashford and St Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (ASPH) is part of the South West London and Surrey Trauma Network (SWL&STN) and are classified as a Trauma Unit (TU). The majority of local trauma presenting by ambulance is transferred directly to St Georges Hospital (SGH), which is the Networks major Trauma Centre (MTC).

SECAMB (South East Coast Ambulance Services) use a network approved decision tree to decide which patients are appropriate for bypass. However, the Trust will receive seriously injured patients who arrive by private transport or walk in (and in the event of a large scale incident; where the MTC are unable to manage demand) attending patients will need to be managed in accordance with the network guidelines.

The Trust Board at ASPH recognise the value of delivering effective trauma services as part of the network and the benefits this brings the local population. ASPH are committed to maintaining their local trauma unit status and to ensuring that key service improvement and governance recommendations (as described within the network strategy) are achieved.

Priorities for development include; delivery of high quality, competent care (for all clinical pathways) including elderly trauma, traumatic brain injury, vertebral column Injury, complex musculoskeletal injury, ensuring receipt of safe and compassionate care.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Dr Helen Cannon, Consultant Lead for Trauma
Ratified by: Quality Performance and Governance Committee
Date Ratified: November 2022
Date Issued: December 2022
Review Date: November 2025
Target Audience: Emergency Care, Trauma Teams, All Specialities
Contact name: Dr Helen Cannon, Consultant Lead for Trauma
Claire O'Brien, Head of Emergency Planning and Resilience


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