Executive Summary

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) sampling provides valuable information to monitor the acid-base balance at a specific point in the course of critically ill patients and it is an essential component of the assessment of patients who may require long-term oxygen therapy (Royal College of Physicians, 1999).

This procedure will help to determine the severity of the condition and can help to diagnose a disease. The respiratory status and acid-base equilibrium of individuals with pulmonary disorders, drug overdose, and metabolic disorders may be evaluated through this procedure.

ABGs sampling has traditionally been the role of the doctor, however with the development of new ways of working and by using an education and training approach along with a competency-based assessment, specialist Nurses and AHP can perform this extended role and support the patient’s assessment and clinical management.

The British Thoracic Society (2002) guidelines recommend that staff providing non-invasive ventilation treatment should be able to carry out ABG sampling, rather than relying on doctors.

This policy covers ABG sampling process and procedures for Specialist Nurses and AHPs.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Filipe Alves, Clinical Site Lead
Ratified by: NMAHP Board
Date Ratified: April 2021
Date Issued: April 2021
Review Date: April 2023
Target Audience: CSNPs, Critical Care Outreach Nurses, Respiratory Physiotherapists
Contact name: Filipe Alves, Clinical Site Lead


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