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This policy provides guidance and information to ASPH staff in the management of patients who are suspected or confirmed of having contracted CoVid-19. The policy outlines the measures required for surveillance of CoVid-19 and the safe management of patients, while undergoing treatment and care within the Trust. The policy has been written in line with national policies and guidance and includes recommended infection prevention and control measures to ensure safety of patients, staff and visitors.



This policy covers the management and identification of a patient (with an epidemiological risk factor for CoVid-19), through initial detection, isolation, treatment and discharge. Cohort placement (within pre-identified areas) advice is provided to prevent transmission of infection of non-CoVid-19 suspected and confirmed cases. This policy outlines the trusts command and control structures/escalation processes to ensure an effective/coordinated response. The guidance is relevant for all staff (Trust wide).


Policy Details

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Compiled by: Glynis Bennett and Claire O’Brien
Ratified by: Trust Executive Committee
Date Ratified: July 2020
Date Issued: July 2020
Review Date: July 2022
Target Audience: Trust wide
Contact name: Glynis Bennett and Claire O’Brien