Patients receiving PCA must only be nursed in the Critical Care Unit, Recovery Unit, Surgical and Orthopaedic Wards (to include Eliot, the Enhanced Care Unit and Dickens at Ashford Hospital) and the Imaging Department at St Peter’s site only. Nursing staff within these areas must receive training to enable them to care for patients receiving PCA.

Patients receiving PCA must not leave the ward unless going for tests or procedures and are to be accompanied by an appropriate healthcare professional (registered nurse or doctor).

Patients undergoing Uterine Fibroid Embolization should have PCA set up in recovery prior to the procedure in Imaging. The patient will be transferred to a surgical ward after the procedure and will be managed under the “Management of patients undergoing uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) guidelines”.


Policy Details

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Compiled by: Monica Thompson Lead Nurse Inpatient Pain Service
Patricia Irvine-Smith, Senior Specialist Nurse Inpatient Pain Service
Ratified by: Drugs and Therapeutics Committee
Date Ratified: March 2022
Date Issued: June 2023
Review Date: March 2024
Target Audience: All clinical staff caring for patients with PCA analgesia
Contact name: Monica Thompson, Patricia Irvine-Smith


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