This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) covers the management and recording of patient observations in Surrey Safe Care (SSC). In combination with hands-on training and published Quick Reference Guides readers of this SOP should be able to record observations electronically and escalate deteriorating patients safely and effectively.

To ensure we optimise the system and deliver care that is high quality and safe, all inpatient areas must enter patient observations into the patients SSC record. No observations are to be documented on paper charts or Integrated Care Pathways (ICPs). The exception to this would be during a system failure or scheduled downtime where the Business Continuity Plan has been invoked.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Chief Nursing Information Officer
Ratified by: Documentation Practice Standards Group
Date Ratified: May 2023
Date Issued: May 2023
Review Date: May 2026
Target Audience: All Trust staff
Contact name: Chief Nursing Information Officer


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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