Executive Summary

Enteral tube feeding is used to improve and maintain nutritional, hydration and pharmacological intake. Nasogastric feeding is usually considered a short-term method of artificial nutrition support. It is used to supplement or provide full nutrition, hydration, and medication in some patients.

This policy provides an evidence-based approach to the safe placement of fine bore nasogastric tubes for feeding purposes and is intended for inpatient settings only. This policy does not give guidance on the use of nasogastric tubes for aspiration.

The policy reflects all National Patient Safety Alerts and NHS Improvement safety critical standards for nasogastric feeding to ensure that the care provided to patients within Trust meet the highest standards of safe care expected.

All staff who insert and check NG tubes must have completed the Trust theoretical and practical training and be signed off as competent.

All healthcare professionals responsible for managing this group of patients must be appropriately trained and deemed competent to assess and manage patients receiving nasogastric feeding, to identify and respond appropriately to potential complications.

Patients requiring nasogastric tube insertion or care in an area deemed without suitably trained staff must be escalated to the nursing leadership team immediately to prevent delays in patient care.

This policy applies to all competent Healthcare Professionals inserting and/or maintaining fine bore nasogastric feeding tubes in Adult patients in Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust. Trust staff (including permanent, locum, secondee, students, agency, bank and voluntary) must follow the policies agreed by the Trust.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Annmarie Nunwa, Nurse Specialist Nutrition Support
Caroline Goodger, Clinical Lead for Nutrition
Natasha Mir, Therapies Manager - Dietetics
Ratified by: Nutrition Steering Group / Practice Standards Group
Date Ratified: October 2023
Date Issued: December 2023
Review Date: October 2026
Target Audience: Trustwide
Contact name: A Nunwa, C Goodger, N Mir


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